This shaving kit has been handcrafted in stunning exotic Bocote wood. The grain in this wood is beautiful and the warm tones with the tactile feeling provide much more than an ordinary shaving set.
Men's shaving sets are great gifts for any special occasion and are sure to get a great response. You can now turn what some men see as a chore into the next level of personal care. This set comprises of a Bocote shaving brush with silvertip badger hair, a custom razor and a matching stand.
The razor takes Mach 3 blades and the set comes with 4 blades included. These can be replaced from any good chemist or shop when needed.


You can go that extra step and go for the personalized men's razor option and have any name engraved on the handle.

My shaving sets have been featured in GQ magazine 3 times which is a great personal achievement for me and testifies to their quality and appeal.

***Wet shaving kit wood***

Bocote is an exotic wood native to Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies. It features a wide range of grain patterns from straight to wild, with curved lines and swirls. The colour ranges from golden brown to tan to golden yellow. It is a hard, heavy, and dense wood, strong and stiff, with a medium texture. 

***The creation process***

Each piece is of wood selected from seasoned stock for its grain and colour. 
Each piece is carefully cut to show the best grain. 
The wood is turned to size then sanded through 5 different grits of sandpaper.
It is then rubbed with a beeswax mix before rounding off with a friction polish to provide a water resilient and durable finish.
After the pieces have been completed they are then assembled using premium fittings.

***Caring for your custom shaving kit***

I do strongly recommend drying the handles after use. With proper care, the finish should provide many years of use.

All orders outside of Ireland and the UK will be posted as registered postage with tracking info supplied as standard. If you would like a cheaper postage please message me before you order. Thank you.

Bocote wood shaving set

  • About the wood:
    Variations in the water level, floods, marshes formation promote the growth of oak trees. Because of a continuous change of the direction of the river flow on a greater or lesser degree, the mainstreams weave through the vallies constantly forming live meanders.

    In its meandering course, the river undermines the banks covered with trees, which fall into the river and are swept away in the water. When the trunk gets trapped by its branches and roots in the river bed, over time layers of mud, sand and gravel cover it.

    Deprived of oxygen the wood undergoes the process of fossilization and a long process of morta formation.During hundreds and thousands of years, under the influence of the minerals and iron from the water, the decomposition of oak timber is considerably slower.

    A special role is played by the currents of the underground waters in the creation of morta, binding its ingredients with larger quantities of the tannin in the wood and in this way darkening the wood.

    This centuries-long process, often termed "maturation", turns the wood from golden-brown to completely black, while increasing its hardness to such a level that it can only be carved with the use of specially grind and exceptionally firm tools.The time necessary for the oak to transform from the end of its biological growth to abonos varies. The "maturation" commonly lasts thousands of years. Due to the ecological reasons mentioned above no two trunks can be found of the same colour.