This is a pencil sure to turn heads and have many admirers. With a camo body and bullet casing fittings this is a truly unique pencil that you will love for years to come.


This pencil operates with a bolt action just as the rifle does. Premium chrome and copper fittings have been used to replicate a bullet throughout. The clip of the pen is a rifle to finish off the wonderful presentation. 

The lead is expelled by sliding the bolt action down. To return the lead after using, hold the rifle bolt down and press the lead back inside.
The pencil is a very comfortable width for writing and uses 5mm or 7mm leads, these can be replaced from any good stationary store.

The pictures don't do the detail in the pencil justice. 

The pencil is presented in its own box to finish the excellent presentation.

About the process

Blanks are selected from my collection to match the outcome that i envision. They are careful cut so that when the pen or pencil is complete the grain appears as continuous as possible. The material is then turned to size, sanded through 5 different grits of sandpaper and then sanded with micromesh t0 12000 grit. I then polish the pencil before completing with the premium fittings

Handcrafted pencils make great gifts! You can give them to friends and family for their anniversary, birthday, graduation or wedding. If you like the style, but would rather have different components, or a different design in the same wood please feel free to ask.

Add this to your basket to receive them within the week anywhere in the world.

I appreciate you taking the time to look at my handmade pen, and i am grateful for every customer i receive. I hope you fall in love with your one of a kind pen whether it is for you or as a gift.

Every pen I sell is made in my shop by me. Each is handmade and great care is taken. If you ever have an idea or a custom order please contact me.

Chrome bolt action rifle pencil