This stunning red hybrid razor will make an excellent addition to your grooming collection. Why use a standard razor when you could shave with a custom piece like this.


Safety razors offer a superior shave to the standard cartridge type razors. On top of this, the blades are made from a higher quality steel, they are cheaper to replace and they hold their sharp edge longer. You will never go back to a cartridge razor after using a safety razor. 


This wood razor has been handcrafted using a select piece of Australian Red Mallee Burl which has been placed into a mould and then resins are mixed in and swirled to create a truly unique piece of material.

This wooden razor takes standard double-edged blades which can be bought from any good chemist. 
A custom razor adds a personal touch to the male grooming process which shouldn't be seen as a chore but another facet of skin care. Custom razors are a great gift to give the special man in your life, and a handmade razor shows that extra thought went into the gift.


This would make a wonderful men's shaving gift, especially if you are after a 5th-anniversary gift which is the wooden anniversary.
This men's razor will come packaged in a wooden box filled with wood shavings for maximum presentation.


                                                      ***Customizing the personalized razor***


You have a few choices here.
You can have the custom razor personalized with a name engraved on the wooden part of the body of the razor.




                                                                      ***Hybrid wood***

Hybrid blanks are a combination of exotic burl wood and coloured Alumilite. In this case, the wonderful Australian Red Mallee Burl has been used. Our hybrid blanks are regularly available in several colours. Burl caps offer some of the most amazing shape and figure. Each piece which is cast is so unique in nature that no one will ever have a razor like yours.


A piece is of wood selected from seasoned stock for its grain and colour. 
Each piece is carefully cut to show the best grain and to fit into the mould. The resin is then poured into the mould before being placed into a pressure pot to remove all air bubbles.
The wood/resin is turned to size then sanded through 5 different grits of sandpaper, before being sanded with micro mesh to 12000 grit.
It is then rubbed and polished with 3 different waxes to provide a durable finish.
After the pieces have been completed they are then assembled using premium fittings.


I do strongly recommend drying the handles after use. With proper care, the finish should provide many years of use.



All orders outside of Ireland and the UK will be posted as registered postage with tracking info supplied as standard. If you would like a cheaper postage please message me before you order. Thank you.

Flame red Hybrid wood safety razor