This beautiful Streamline mechanical pencil is made from a beautifully detailed piece of Irish Bog Oak wood 3000-5000 years old with antique brass hardware. It has been hand turned on a lathe to a comfortable design which makes it easy to use, either every day or for that special occasion. The pencil is very well balanced for ease of writing/drawing. Pushing the end of the pencil will reveal the writing tip. Remove the button to expose the rubber.

The pencil comes in the presentation box as shown making it the perfect gift to give.

Each pencil will be custom made so if you want an extra wide grip section select this option. Many people who like larger grips for comfort or because or arthritis find this easier to use. The images are some examples

This handcrafted pencil has been finished with a combination finish that both brings out the wood's color and preserves the warmth of touch, all while maintaining a bright, durable shine.
It was assembled by hand with gold components.

Irish Bog Oak pencil in Antique brass hardware