Handcrafted chrome pen and pencil gift set, tastefully made from years old Irish Bog Oak. A twist ballpoint pen with a celtic centre band is paired with a workshop/sketch pencil to make a set that will give years of pleasure.

The pens are presented in a solid maple and rosewood flip box which doubles as a stand to finish the excellent presentation.

You will find these very comfortable for writing. The mechanical pencil takes 5.6mm leads and you can order spares from me or online if you want. 
The ballpoint pen comes with a standard cross style refill. These can be purchased at any stationary store.

Life is too short to use an ugly pen.

About the process

A piece is selected from seasoned wood for its grain and colour. 
They are carefully cut to show the best grain . 
The wood is turned to size then sanded through 5 different grits of sand paper.
It is then rubbed with danish oil to bring out the beautiful grain then rubbed with a bees wax mix before completing with the premium fittings

Handcrafted pens and pencils make great gifts! You can give them to friends and family for their anniversary, birthday, graduation or wedding. If you like the style, but would rather have different components, or a different design in the same wood please feel free to ask.

Irish Bog Oak

During hundreds and thousands of years, because of minerals and iron from the water, the rotting of oak timber is slower. A special role is played by the underground waters in the creation and darkening the wood. 

Over thousands of years, the wood turns from golden brown to black, this makes it very hard and needs to be worked with sharp tools.

Due to all of this no two trunks can be found of the same colour.

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I appreciate you taking the time to look at my handmade pen, and i am grateful for every customer i receive. I hope you fall in love with your one of a kind pen whether it is for you or as a gift.

Every pen and pencil I sell is made in my shop by me. Each is handmade and great care is taken. If you ever have an idea or a custom order please contact me.

Irish Bog Oak wood pen and pencil set