This rollerball wooden pen is number 3 of a collection of 3 that make a statement by using exotic and native beautiful pieces of wood in a unique shape. These rollerballs are eye-catching and are sure to be loved for years to come. 

Pen number three is the native Spalted Beech, with very detailed grain patterns famous in this wood running from end to end are even better in person. Many timbers can spalt but Beech is one of the most common. Spalting is a term used to describe the process by which certain fungi grow on dead or fallen trees and after colonizing the wood via travelling up the wood cells from the ends or from broken off branches, leave a most attractive pattern. The process takes 2 to 3 years to reach the ideal stage to cut & season the timber.

The black lines are zone lines created by different species of fungi erecting barriers around their territory.


You will love the feel of these pens in your hand and will be the envy of many an admirer. Life is too short to use an ugly pen. You will not go back to an ordinary stock pen after using this fine writing instrument.

The pen also comes enclosed in a beautiful 100% recyclable box providing maximum presentation and also safely storing your fine writing instrument.

These pens are built to give years of joy and are really comfortable in the hand. This makes long writing sessions feel a pleasure rather than a chore.
The pen will be fitted with a ceramic tipped schmidt style refill for a smooth writing experience. and is perfectly balanced for a pleasurable writing experience. 

Material: wood. Gold fittings.

Ink: The pen comes with a ceramic tipped schmidt type refill and you can get refills from all stationary shops.

These are one off pens and can't be replicated.

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I appreciate you taking the time to look at my handmade pen, and i am grateful for every customer i receive. I hope you fall in love with your one of a kind pen whether it is for you or as a gift.

Every pen I sell is made in my shop by me. Each is handmade and great care is taken. If you ever have an idea or a custom order please contact me.

Irish Spalted Beech rollerball pen in gold with presentation case