The highly figured Lacewood used on this razor makes it stand out. Not only is it easy on the eye, but it is perfectly balanced and shaped for a great feel in the hand. This double edged razor will provide a pleasurable smooth shave which has to be experienced.

The safety razor takes standard double edge blades which can be bought at any good chemist.
You have the option of having a name or message engraved to add that personal touch.

                                               How this is created.                                                          
A piece is of wood selected from seasoned stock for its grain and colour. 
Each piece is carefully cut to show the best grain . 
The wood is turned to size then sanded through 5 different grits of sand paper.
It is then rubbed with a bees wax mix before rounding off with a friction polish to provide a water resilient and durable finish.
After the pieces have been completed they are then assembled using premium fittings.

I do strongly recommend drying the handles after use. With proper care the finish should provide many years of use.

Each razor is uniquely shaped and may vary slightly from pictured. You can specify a particular shape that you would like if that suits you.

Lacewood double edged wood razor

  • Australian lacewood is found in the tropical rainforests of the Australian territory of North East Queensland. It can grow to heights of 100 feet with a 4 foot trunk diameter. It is typically straight grained with a coarse texture. The tree is very attractive and is widely cultivated as an ornamental tree. However, attempts to grow it commercially in plantations have not been successful. 
    The heartwood is pinkish brown with very prominent medullary rays. When cut or sliced on the quarter, these rays produce a very pronounced and striking lacelike pattern. The pattern itself is made up of individual rays called 'buttons'. The size of the buttons will increase as the orientation of the grain changes from rift to quarter cut. One of the distinctive traits of Australian lacewood is the consistency of the button size; all of the buttons will be similar size on a given surface.
    With such a distinct figure, lacewood is used for numerous decorative and ornamental objects. It is in demand as a veneer for interior panelling and furniture. Solid lumber is utilized in small boxes, musical instruments and turnings.