This silvertip badger hair brush is created using a highly figured and striking piece of exotic Panga Panga wood. The grain on ths wood is fascinating to the eye, and its colouring is warm and inviting.

Badger's hair:
Silvertip hair is to be found only in the neck region of the badger. Silvertip badger hair is sorted by hand and stands out because of the pronounced black and white banding on the hair. Silvertip is the highest grade of badger hair and gives the softest as well as the most luxurious natural tip available.

I do strongly recommend drying the handles after use. With proper care, the finish should provide many years of use.

Panga Panga wood silvertip badger hair brush

  • Milletia stuhlmannii, called Panga Panga in Mozambique, but should not be confused with Wenge which comes from the West Coast of Africa. Panga Panga is unique to Mozambique. 

    Panga Panga is extraordinary in its rarity as it is only found, in commercially viable quantities, in Mozambique. Its dark colours, with rich parenchyma bands brings a touch of the exotic to finished pieces. The heartwood is dark chocolate brown with paler broad bands. At 880kg/m3 the heartwood is extremely durable. It sandpapers well and takes varnish and oils well. It is used in furniture, turning, parquet flooring and carving.

    A large, fine spreading tree up to 20 meters in height, occurring at low altitude high-rainfall forest and riverine fringe forest where it reaches it greatest hight.