This is a personal custom set for an order.


This beautiful and sleek pen set has been designed to be understated yet on closer inspection it is truly no ordinary pen. Using a piece of Irish Bog Oak 5000-6000 years old and fitted with gunmetal hardware, this pen is one to be treasured for years to come. It has been hand turned on a lathe to a comfortable design and weight which makes it easy to use, either every day or for that special occasion.


The pen is very well balanced for ease of writing. Twisting the top end of the pen will reveal the writing tip, which is adorned with celtic scrollwork on the finial and band just below. These details compliment the ancient Irish wood and add the finishing touches that any owner would be proud of.


You will love the weight of this pen in your hand and the texture of the wood is something which has to be experienced. You will be the envy of many an admirer whilst using this.


Life is too short to use an ugly pen. You will own a piece of Irish history in your hands with this fine writing instrument.

The pen comes in the presentation box as shown making it the perfect gift to give.

This handcrafted pen has been finished with a combination finish that both brings out the wood's color and preserves the warmth of touch, all while maintaining a bright, durable shine.

pen and pencil Bog Oak wood in gunmetal hardware set