The pen is fitted with an medium Bock gold nib for extra smooth writing. It is perfectly balanced for a pleasurable writing experience. The pen weighs 30g when capped and 17g without.

The pen comes with an international ink converter and a cartridge in case you prefer that method. The pen comes enclosed in a solid rosewood and maple case providing maximum presentation and also safely storing your fine writing instrument. This pen is made to give years of pleasurable writing experience and will surely be a talking piece with any onlookers.

This is a one off pen and can not be replicated.

Rare Birdseye Maple wood fountain pen in Gold hardware

  • Bird's eye is a type of figure that occurs within several kinds of wood, most notably in hard maple. It has a distinctive pattern that resembles tiny, swirling eyes disrupting the smooth lines of grain. It is somewhat reminiscent of a burl, but it is quite different: the small knots that make the burl are missing.

    It is not known what causes the phenomenon. Research into the cultivation of bird's eye maple has so far discounted the theories that it is caused by pecking birds deforming the wood grain or that an infecting fungus makes it twist. However, no one has demonstrated a complete understanding of any combination of climate, soil, tree variety, insects, viruses or genetic mutation that may produce the effect.

    Bird's eye maple is most often found in Acer saccharum (sugar maple), but millers also find bird's eye figure in red maple, white ash, Cuban mahogany, American beech, black walnut, and yellow birch. Trees that grow in the Great Lakes region of Canada and the United States yield the greatest supply, along with some varieties in the Rocky Mountains. It is not uncommon in Huon Pine, which grows only in Tasmania. Although there are a few clues in a tree's bark that indicate the lumber might have bird's eye figure, it is usually necessary to fell the tree and cut it apart to know for sure.