This wooden fountain pen has been made using a piece of material created by mixing brown Mallee burl with different coloured acrylics.  The materials compliment each other perfectly and makes it so that you will own a truly unique pen.

The fittings on the pen have been designed by a precision engineering, made from 303 grade stainless steel this pen will not let you down. You will receive a quality polished steel nib made by Peter Bock and Schmidt K5 converter as standard. 

The pen comes enclosed in its own solid redwood box to maximize presentation and keep your new pen safe.

You will love the feel of this pen in your hand and will be the envy of many an admirer. 

                                                                                                           'Life is too short to use an ugly pen'. 

You will own a piece of Irish history in your hands with this fine writing instrument.

The grain of the burl wood really stands out and makes it a real statement piece. This is built to give years of joy.
The pen will be fitted with a Bock medium polished steel nib and is perfectly balanced for a pleasurable writing experience. The nib can be changed on request. Just ask. 
About the pen

The pen can also be converted to a rollerball, just select this option in the drop down menu. The rollerball comes fitted with a schmidt refill for a smooth writing experience.

Material: Wood burl and mixed acrylics. Stainless steel fittings.
Colour:   Red, Orange,brown,pearl & silver.
Size:        1329mm in length capped-122mm uncapped. 14.6mm at cap, 12.5 thickest body. section  tapered. 
                 Approx- 26g writing, 45g in weight capped.
Ink:          The pen comes with a cartridge to get you started straight out of the box. It also comes with an K5 converter so 
                 you can use your own bottled inks.

                                                                                                                                About the wood

Brown Mallee Burl:    Brown Mallee burl is an incredible species with beautiful color and figure. This native Australian timber has a distinctive mix of golden brown heartwood with contrasting white sapwood. The wood is dense and easily yields a smooth, durable finish with light sanding. This rare lumber offers a natural, artistic palette for any artisan. 


The pen also comes enclosed in a beautiful case providing maximum presentation and also safely storing your fine writing instrument.

This is a one off pen and can not be replicated.



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I appreciate you taking the time to look at my handmade pen, and i am grateful for every customer i receive. I hope you fall in love with your one of a kind pen whether it is for you or as a gift.

Every pen I sell is made in my shop by me. Each is handmade and great care is taken. If you ever have an idea or a custom order please contact me.

Red Mallee burl and resin fountain pen