The  Rhodium zeta.

Rhodium is used in the highest quality pens because of its appearance, its durability, its lustre and its resistance to tarnishing. The barrel has been covered in spalted Beech wood giving it a unique look sure to make others envious. This is a pen that is sure to be a talking piece and one to put a smile on your face every time you use it.

This pen has a great weight and is perfectly balanced giving a pleasurable writing experience. The pen uses a parker style refill.

The pen will come in a black velvet covered box

Rhodium is one of the rarest metals on earth, with annual worldwide production being only about a hundredth of that of gold. Rhodium commands a value similar to pure gold, but being a member of the platinum group of metals it is much more hard wearing than gold and does not tarnish. In fact, it is often used to plate silver and white gold jewelry, believe it or not to actually improve the appearance and to stop it tarnishing .

Rhodium Zeta pen in Bubinga

  • Bubinga

    The genus is well known for its luxury timbers. The best-known timber is bubinga. 

    The wood is often used by luthiers for harps and other instruments, such as bass guitars, because of its mellow and well-rounded sound. Warwick Bass and Ibanez are known to use Bubinga and Ovangkol. It has been used in drum shells as well. Drum companies such as Tama offer various high-end drum kits with plies of Bubinga in the shells. Crafters also use bubinga on some of their instruments. Bubinga is also used in both acoustic and electric guitars for its figure and hardness.

    Bubinga is also used in high-end furniture, especially by contemporary Arts and Crafts artists as well on high-end manual woodworking tools such as the front knobs and rear handles of smooth planes. Bubinga comes in various grain patterns, with rare patterns bringing top dollar.

    European knife makers sometimes use terms Bubinga and African Rosewood interchangeably when referring to (Guibourtia demeusei) which their knife handles are sometimes made of.