This silvertip badger hair brush is created using a highly figured and striking piece of exotic Wenge wood. The grain on ths wood is fascinating to the eye, and its colouring is warm and inviting.

Badger's hair:
Silvertip hair is to be found only in the neck region of the badger. Silvertip badger hair is sorted by hand and stands out because of the pronounced black and white banding on the hair. Silvertip is the highest grade of badger hair and gives the softest as well as the most luxurious natural tip available.

I do strongly recommend drying the handles after use. With proper care, the finish should provide many years of use.

Wenge wood silvertip badger hair brush

  • Wenge is a special wood. Some might even say it is rich in mystic powers. For hundreds of years it has been used in its native Africa to make ceremonial masks and statues paying homage to gods.
    Wenge and the closely related species panga-panga are indigenous to Africa. In fact, they so closely resemble one another that in some areas, the wood is sold interchangeably.

    Wood Description: 
    The heartwood is dark brown, almost black. On the quartersawn surface, fine pencil-thin, light tan lines interspersed with blackish brown stripes make the surface appear as if it has been stroked by the fine claws of some wild jungle animal. On the tangential surface, the light lines show up as undulating streaks, like waves on the water. Orientation of the grain is an important consideration to show the wood at its best.

    Wenge grows in swampy areas in Zaire, Cameroon, and Gaboon. Panga-panga, on the other hand, grows in the open forests of Mozambique and Tanzania. Both trees are modest in height - averaging about 60 feet with 2-foot diameters, although the trees can grow as tall as 90 feet with 3- to 4-foot diameters.